What is a Win Strategy?

The win strategy is the blueprint for how your company will win a potential bid. It provides the strategy and intelligence for convincing the government evaluators your company is the best overall choice to deliver the upcoming contract.

How to use the Win Strategy Document

Fill out the template with information related to the bid you are pursuing. The win strategy document provides your roadmap to winning. This template contains the following tools:

  • Brief Description of Procurement
  • Customer Analysis 
  • Notional Winner Profile (NWP)
  • Vision for the Contract End State
  • Company’s Strengths and Vulnerabilities
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Themes and Discriminators
  • Major Selling Points (MSPs)
  • Offer Design to Win
  • Value Proposition 
  • Action Item List

About Key Solutions

Key Solutions, Inc. (KSI) is a full-service consulting firm that helps companies win government contracts. Our KSI Advantage© Approach – a set of capture and proposal best practices, agile methods, and unique tools – has helped clients win more than $185 billion government contracts.

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