Managing A Major Proposal? Before You Leap, Have A Vision

Oct 23, 2013

You've been assigned to manage a major proposal. Before springing into frenetic action, withdraw to your quiet place. Ground yourself. Anticipate. Plan. Preview in your mind the production about to unfold. Have a vision for how you will lead your team to win.

Here are 6 tips for fine-tuning your perspective:

1. Understand the "Fit." Besides generating revenues and profits, how does pursuit of this opportunity align to your company's goals, strengths, and reasons for existence? Understand this connection and be ready to articulate it to your team.

2. Discern the Higher Purpose. Once awarded the contract, what important needs will your company help meet? Your ability to express the importance of the mission will inspire the team and help them through the tough times ahead.

3. Have a Simple Answer to "Why Us?" Crystallize 3-5 easy to understand reasons why award of the contract to your company is warranted. Then ward off attempts to water them down, complicate them with superfluous technical bloviation, or to turn them into a dogs breakfast of every conceivable justification.

4. Make Heroes of Each Team Member. Position each to succeed. Play to strengths. Forgive and then compensate for shortcomings.  Accept responsibility for all bumps in the road. Deflect credit their way. Praise them often. Never embarrass a teammate publicly. Mentor each. As their stature increases, let position them front and center.

5. Determine In Advance How You Will Comport Yourself. Anyone can lead during the good times. Anticipate how you will turn and face the ill-winds that blow often through the proposal center: criticism, second-guessing, sniping from the sidelines, stress, late hours, sleep deprivation, missed assignments, cold pizza, blowhard consultants, impending deadlines, divisive red teams, endless edits, and decisions reversed from above before you announce them the first time. How these are handled is the real measure of your leadership.

6. Model the Behavior You Expect. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Sacrifice for your team. Meet your commitments. Stay positive. Listen. Always listen. Neither gossip nor give quarter to those who do. Serve others. Forgive and move on. Do these things and they will follow you anywhere.

When you transport yourself to your quiet place, drink in these six tips. When you emerge with your proposal vision acutely focused, you will be better equipped to deliver that important win.

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Jim McCarthy

Written by Jim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy is the Founder of AOC Key Solutions, Inc. (KSI). He has almost forty years of GovCon experience and leadership—first on Capitol Hill, then as founder of KSI. KSI is a leading consulting firm that has helped clients win over $200 billion dollars in government contracts. He also hosted the CBS/ WUSA9 television show Government Contracting Weekly from 2012-2014.

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